The Keene Chorale


Hector Berlioz’s Oratorio The Childhood of Christ—A Sacred Drama, December 8

The Keene Chorale celebrates its 41st holiday season with a performance of an oratorio by Hector Berlioz, L’Enfance du Christ (The Childhood of Christ). Sung in English and directed by Maestro Cailin Marcel Manson, the performance will take place at 2 PM on Sunday, December 8, in the acoustically grand St. Bernard Church of Keene, NH.

In L’Enfance du Christ, Berlioz retells the story of the holy family as they flee the murderous jealousy of King Herod, suffer severe hardship in their travel and, upon arriving in Egypt exhausted and near death, feel the sting of being turned away—despised as a “vagabond and homeless kind.” Begging for mercy, they eventually find compassion in the home of an Ishmaelite who quickly summons his household to tend to the weary and frightened family, that “hope and peace may comfort your soul.” Written in 1854, the music is sweeping and dramatic, intimate and tender, moving along the emotional journey of the travelers to the ringing intensity of its celestial closure.

In this expansive work for chorus, orchestra and soloists, the Keene Chorale will be joined by the PanOpera Orchestra of Northampton, MA, and guest soloists tenor Joshua Collier, baritone Mason Jarboe, soprano Evangelia Leontis, and baritone Nicholas Tocci.

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Singing with The Keene Chorale is OPEN TO ALL
We are a welcoming non-auditioned chorus, and our members include singers with a wide range of musical and life experience, from high schoolers to octogenarians. It’s not unusual for folks who haven’t sung since high school or college, or who really just like to sing, to become part of our musical family. Not everyone comes to us reading music. As long as you can carry a tune and learn to stay on pitch, that’s fine with us. If you’re not sure if you are a soprano or alto, tenor or bass, we’ll help you figure it out.

We all begin each semester at the same place: the beginning!
As a new member you can expect to feel welcomed the first time you walk in the door. We know we have a (well deserved) reputation for musical excellence and exciting performances, but we do not consider ourselves elitist or exclusive. Performance excellence comes from our shared journey each semester, from the hard work (and fun) under the leadership of Music Director Cailin Marcel Manson. Along the way we learn quite a bit about our voices and the pieces we perform, and have a really good time doing it, starting with the first note of our warmup!

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