The Keene Chorale



The Keene Chorale June 5 concertWe are planning to perform selections from Handel’s Messiah on June 5 in Keene, in a setting that allows for social distancing and extra ventilation for both singers, musicians, and audience. 

Mindful of the ever-changing landscape of life with Covid 19, the Keene Chorale is offering in-person, singers-masked, socially distanced, free of charge rehearsal practice opportunities supported with live accompaniment in the Blastos Room at Keene Ice. 

April 13 was our first rehearsal since March 3, 2020. We sang 6-foot-spaced, singers-masked, foreheads-temperature-checked, finding our voices again. Maestro Cailin Marcel Manson warmed us up to perfection, rusty voices and all, our superb accompanist Vladimir Odinokikh worked miracles on the electric keyboard, and the Altos led us to the promised land with the first notes of “And the glory of the Lord”, from Handel’s Messiah.

Register for Spring 2021 Messiah Rehearsal & Performance Series with The Keene Chorale

See our Membership page for a video introduction to our 2020-2021 season from Director Cailin Marcel Manson.

We would like to express our wholehearted thanks to our members, and to the local business community for their support of The Chorale’s Spring 2020 concert, even though it had to be cancelled. Given the severe financial strain these businesses are experiencing, our gratitude is all the more heartfelt.

Our gratitude to the following businesses and organizations for their support:

Bill Davis Chair Caning
C & S Wholesale Grocers Inc.
Carbone’s Window & Awning
Carin Torp Healing Arts
Clark – Mortenson Insurance
Country Life Restaurant
Deep Roots Massage and Body Works
Fenton Family Dealerships
G&R Autoworks
Hastings Dental Health
Karl Roberts – Cuts for Men
Keep ‘Em Healthy Veterinary Clinic
Matthew J. Cielinski, DMD
Monadnock AGO
Nissan of Keene
Parish of the Holy Spirit
Richard P. Drew, LLC
Rowan Tree Crafts
Savings Bank of Walpole
Swanzey Oil Company
Targett Cleaners
Thai Garden
The Frank Massin Agency, Inc.
The Kingsbury Fund
The Toadstool Bookshops
Timoleon’s Restaurant
Walier Chevrolet
Welnak Dental

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Singing with The Keene Chorale is OPEN TO ALL
We are a welcoming non-auditioned chorus, and our members include singers with a wide range of musical and life experience, from high schoolers to octogenarians. It’s not unusual for folks who haven’t sung since high school or college, or who really just like to sing, to become part of our musical family. Not everyone comes to us reading music. As long as you can carry a tune and learn to stay on pitch, that’s fine with us. If you’re not sure if you are a soprano or alto, tenor or bass, we’ll help you figure it out.

We all begin each semester at the same place: the beginning!
As a new member you can expect to feel welcomed the first time you walk in the door. We know we have a (well deserved) reputation for musical excellence and exciting performances, but we do not consider ourselves elitist or exclusive. Performance excellence comes from our shared journey each semester, from the hard work (and fun) under the leadership of Music Director Cailin Marcel Manson. Along the way we learn quite a bit about our voices and the pieces we perform, and have a really good time doing it, starting with the first note of our warmup!

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